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First babysitter



We had our first real babysitter this past weekend.  We’ve always had someone we knew, either family or someone close, to watch our kids when we occasionally went out on date nights.  Last year was great with the goal of taking one date night a month.  We did it! 


And now we want more! 


So, the neighbors have a great sitter and I decided to ask, pretty-please, would they share her contact information?  They did and the rest is history!


She is fantastic!  The kids didn’t even cry when we left (maybe a little whimper…), and they were fast asleep, all tucked in their covers, when we came home ~9pm.  Alex slept in until 7:30am and Sara slept until 8:15am!  They said they had a ton of fun and want her to come back soon.


Kids, your wish will be granted!


I think it really helped that they were both there.  They had each other as comfort and normalcy.  Alex just loves this too, so we asked him to be “responsible” for his sister and make sure she was well taken care of all night.  Make sure she got something to eat and drink, if she was hungry.  Make sure she read the books that she wanted to at night time, etc. 


We even found these sweet cards when we got home…




Purple, because that is my favorite color

cards made by kids on babysitter night - first ever-1 blog


And on the inside, a heart and “I love you”


Bless his heart…

cards made by kids on babysitter night - first ever-2 blog


And Sara’s card, her scribbles say I love you more than you know!

cards made by kids on babysitter night - first ever-3 blog