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Happy Birthday Sara!



Today my little Sara is one. 


How does time fly by so fast? 


Some of the days have gone by so slow, but the year has flown by.  I remember her birth-day very well and remember how wonderful it was to hold her in my arms.  I can’t imagine a more wonderful beautiful baby girl.


Playing outside-5 blog


She is walking now, has beautiful red hair with small curls in the back.  She loves strawberries and yogurt.  She eats just about anything we put in front of her!  She has a new hobby of climbing on everything and taking things out of drawers.  She’s wearing 18mo-2T clothing and is still so tall (stats from 12mo appointment coming in a few weeks).  She just is getting another tooth (7 total now).  She is having more opinions lately about all sorts of things.  When she doesn’t want to be picked up, or when she does, for instance.  She loves people watching and is so curious to just look at everyone around her.  She is very happy most of the time and enjoys being with me wherever I go on the weekends.  Although, she is still very much in a Mommy/Daddy/Nanny mood, but getting more and more open to other people (grandmas especially) every day. 


Playing outside-24 blog


We have been celebrating her upcoming birthday for a while now.  At the Oregon Coast, we had a mini-birthday party (Alex too!) with family and enjoyed cupcakes and presents. 


Beach house 2011-312 blog



She got some hair bands and a musical instrument.

Beach house 2011-308 blog


We went out to dinner on Saturday night (Taco Del Mar since we are in the “blackout phase” of going to a sit down restaurant), played at the park and had cupcakes again!  I realized a while ago that we haven’t taken her to the park yet.  I took her last summer when she was a little baby in the carrier, but not as a toddler that can play too!  So, we just had to stop at the park and push her in the swings, especially since it was her birthday!  


Sara's birthday dinner-3 blog

Sara's birthday park-1 blog

Sara's birthday park-5 blog

Sara's birthday park-7 blog

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Sara's birthday park-23 blog

Sara's birthday park-29 blog




Of course – Daddy pushes are the best!

Sara's birthday park-36 blog

Sara's birthday park-39 blog



Especially Daddy pushes!

Sara's birthday park-42 blog

Sara's birthday park-43 blog

Sara's birthday cupcake-6 blog

Sara's birthday cupcake-18 blog


Today, on her actual birthday we had fun by playing with some balloons and just being home.


Sara's birthday balloons-3 blog

Sara's birthday balloons-13 blog

Sara's birthday balloons-15 blog

Sara's birthday balloons-17 blog

We love you, little Nie Nie!


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Happy Birthday Sara!!