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First T-Ball game



We enjoyed the FIRST t-ball game ever this weekend – and it was wonderful weather to boot!  Thank goodness – we needed some sunshine and time outdoors for all of us! 


Grandma Sandy was able to join us and we had a fantastic time.  Alex played his first T-ball game ever, Lance was the assistant coach and out of the field with the Woodinville Rivercats, I was snapping pictures, and Grandma got to hold Sara! 



First, some warm up.

Alex's first t-ball game-3 blog


Alex loves his shirt and hat – it’s even #4!

Alex's first t-ball game-5 blog


Sara loved looking around at everybody and is totally in a climbing mode, wants to climb everything!

Alex's first t-ball game-18 blog

Then, the game starts.  Alex got to play first base and that is a lot of action – all the balls get thrown to first base.

Alex's first t-ball game-54 blog


Sara cranks out for a bit, and passes out in the second inning.

Alex's first t-ball game-27 blog

Apparently, it’s a glove-biter for Alex.


Alex's first t-ball game-51 blog-2

And, snuggles and more snuggles and completely passed out.

Alex's first t-ball game-52 blog



Alex hits the ball and runs the bases.  When you ask him what his favorite part of T-ball is, it’s probably hitting the ball or running the bases.  Outfield, not so much.  I love how there is no score kept, every kid hits the ball and runs the bases, there are no outs, only cheers for each and every kid.  I love this.  Love love love this.

Alex's first t-ball game-31 blog

Alex running home (fast!).

Alex's first t-ball game-43 blog

Go Rivercats!


J, T, L and O said...

Yay Alex! I can't believe how fast he's growing up!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a greeeeeaaat time! Go RRats! The Sequim bamas: C & S