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I torgot….


Alex’s newest word is “forgot”.  He has undoubtedly heard me say it many times to myself or as I’m talking to him.  Oh I forgot to change your diaper, I forgot to put this away, etc.


But, the other night – it was so cute.


I was putting him to bed by myself while Lance was somewhere (I can’t remember) and we changed his diaper to put on his night diaper, put on his Paa-jees, chose some books and snuggled into bed to start reading them.  As we were about 1/2 way through, he looked at me and said “You torgot to brush my teeth!”  “That’s silly”

We had to stop everything because Mama was being silly because she “torgot”!


The other day as we were coming in our house after preschool and working, I unlocked the door and he ran inside to go find his beloved toys.  After about five minutes, he was sitting in the living room and said to me “I torgot to take off my shoes, That’s silly!”  And preceded to take off his shoes and put them in the cubby at the front entry way. 


It just tickles me …. I torgot (his pronunciation, not mine!)