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Photography Workshop Day 1

What a fun time I had a couple of weekends ago! It was amazing, inspiring and fulfilling to say the least. We met at Me Ra's house on Friday night for a meet and greet. There were locals there along with people who had flown in from across the country. We had all been introduced by email and I found out that another fellow workshop attendee was living very close by, so we decided to carpool together the entire weekend and I feel so lucky to have met her. She is a lot like me, loves photography, a working Mom. We got along great. We had a great time at the meet and greet and didn't get home until about 11:00 PM. Late night to have to be back at 9:00 AM the next morning!

We started the first day of the workshop with introductions and basic understanding of our camera and what it's doing. We then got to practice on real models - Moms and babies, and sometimes Dads too! It was really challenging because we were inside a hotel and the light wasn't that great. There were 5 photographers per family and we were squeezed in like sardines. I was pretty frustrated at that point even though Me Ra had shown us what to do with those types of lighting situations. I had to remember what she had told us not 1 hour ago and make some settings changes. Below are some of my best images that I captured.

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