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ER visit

Wow - Lance and I have been super busy and we were just talking about all the things we had to do last night when


Lance and Alex were running around playing on the (ironwood) deck last night and Lance took a turn and Alex didn't and

Fell and hit his head right on the corner of the bench on the deck.

He hit hard and we knew it was a bad one.
Blood starting gushing and squirting out, TONS of blood. I quickly told Lance to get me a towel FAST. I put my hand over the wound and put some pressure on it. Alex was having an automatic response to wipe the blood away from his eyes and blood was everywhere. Lance brought the towel and I put it on the wound. He asked if we should call 911... I said no. I needed to look at it. So I pulled back the towel and saw that it wasn't really that bad, but we did need to go to the ER. We would drive. We got a couple of things together and were off. No carseat, no seatbelt for me as I was holding Alex in the back seat.

It's amazing how when you show up to the ER with a (pretty calm at this point, actually kinda limp looking because it was past his bedtime) kid with blood ALL over his face - you get to talk to someone fast. The check in desk was the first person we talked to - but the triage nurse came out from talking to someone else as we were there. Once they realized that it looked worse than it was, we were seated and just waited about 5 minutes.

We got to the room and there were such wonderful nurses and assistants coming in and helping clean him up and look at the wound in more detail. A nurse even gave him a teddy bear and he loved it! We showed him where his boo boo was on the teddy bear.

Because he has new baby skin they were able to just put some numbing medicine on the wound, instead of using a needle injection, which was great! After about 30 minutes of holding this numbing medicine on the bridge of his nose, the wonderful doctor at Evergreen came in and just used a glue like substance called Derma-bond and glued it up. No stitches!

Daddy holding the medicine

Mama's turn to hold the medicine (he loved the blue exam gloves and it was entertainment for him - that is why we were wearing the gloves! Anything to entertain a 2 year old at the ER!)

P.S. Darn that I took my point and shoot out of my purse! Curses! Well, at least I had my cell phone camera!


Melinda said...

How traumatic for everyone! I'm glad Alex is OK. I remember an ER visit for stitches in my head at about 4 yrs old. I was freaked out and had my bear with me too! Hope his cut heals fast.