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Happy 6 year anniversary!

Wow – 6 years tomorrow.  Time does fly by.  And how things have changed, but stayed the same.  My husband is now the father to my children and I am more than just his wife, now the mother of his children.  We are a family.

We have 2 beautiful healthy children, a lovely home, nice jobs that support our family.  And we are in love, even more so than the day we were married.  It’s probably cliché to say this – but our love is so much deeper.  We have less time to spend with each other alone, but the time we do spend together is meaningful.  Priorities are different, but that’s OK.  What’s most important is still the same.  We are so lucky. 


I have been going through some of our old photos lately and came across our honeymoon photos from Tahiti and Bora Bora.  We had a fabulous time.  It was a long flight, but well worth the wait.  We had two weeks in paradise and explored many new things from this beautiful culture. 


 DSC00645 Final

We enjoyed all the beautiful bright colors and fabrics

 DSC00672 Final

We ate many new things, including “poission cru” which is tuna and veggies cooked in Lime juice and coconut milk.  Lance learned that eating the local food is way better than a hamburger at these types of places and ate locally prepared specialties most of the trip after this first night.

DSC00736 Final

We enjoyed every sunrise, due to the time change. DSC00741 Final

It was so beautiful there – the lush landscapes and the deep blue water DSC00745 Final

I ate a lot of coconut – it was everywhere there! DSC00766 FinalWe explored the islands and even stayed in one of those huts over the water below!

DSC00850 Final

And last, but not least – we did a ton of scuba diving.  We swam with sharks – it was a ton of fun.  You would think it would be scary – but it wasn’t.  We chased after a manta ray, saw turtles, TONS of fish.


Happy 6 year anniversary honey!