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Campfire in your own backyard

This year we’re not planning on making any camping trips – too tough with a baby, plus, I go back to work in 3 1/2 weeks (snif-snif). 


So, we thought we would have a campfire in our own yard – that’s the most fun part anyways!


Campfire in the backyard-23 Final

First, Daddy shows you how to do it

 Campfire in the backyard-28 Final

And you enjoy the product and the process – yummy gooey s’mores

 Campfire in the backyard-40 Final

Then, Mommy gets one too! 

 Campfire in the backyard-48 Final

Then, Alex gets to try – and has so much fun seeing it on fire!

 Campfire in the backyard-65 Final 

And then Sara wakes up and sees what she’s been missing!