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Our house | Painted

 House pre-painted-1 blog



House painted-2 blog




House painted-4 blog We even got the door painted a rich bronzy/chocolaty brown.  YUMMMMY!


Finally, after waiting all fall, winter and spring (the house was supposed to be painted last Sept, but the rains started) – we got our house painted!  We love the color we chose and it seems so much like it’s been that color the whole time.  Must have been the right color for us!  The painting company did a nice job and will finish our fence stain on Monday. 


Just had to post because we are so excited.  We have really transformed our house over the almost 7 years we’ve lived here.  It’s pretty amazing to look back.  The fence, the gardens, the side driveway, the painting, the bathroom remodels, new stairs, new carpeting, adding hardwood floors, new windows, new cork flooring, new window blinds, new closet system, etc.


The only rooms we haven’t touched are the laundry room and the guest bathroom and the kitchen.  Guess what’s next on our list???  No, nothing as expensive as a kitchen – sorry, that will have to wait.  If you guessed the guest bathroom – you’re right!  I don’t think we’ll start anytime soon, but new tile, new flooring, new cabinet/countertop, mirror, toilet are in our future!


Melisa Lynn Photography said...

Allison, I love it. Our house is the before color and I have been wanting to do a similar color. It turned out great. I love all your before and after projects :)