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Sara writes her name


orange ruler fun run (23)-small



Sara has really blossomed this year. She is very comfortable with her preschool and loves it tremendously.  I even asked her recently if she missed me when she she goes to school and she frankly said, No.  (insert a little broken mama heart here).  She’s recently has been having leaps in her understanding and school.  Plus, now she’s not napping even at school now.  Our girl is growing up. 


We’ve been doing a lot of this at home lately…


F-F-F-F Fox


B-B-B-B Baby


G-G-G-G Gorilla


S-S-S-S Snake


She is now writing some letters, recognizing quite a few and learned to write her name.   Every chance I get – I ask if she can put her name on a piece of paper.  When she holds that big pencil in her tiny hands and knows exactly what she is writing, it just warms my heart.  The R in her name is my favorite.  It’s kinda like a circle with two legs.  It’s the best R around!


Sara writes her name-small