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Fall garden – right now



Dear Summer,


To even think that 6 weeks of summer was enough of a real summer is absolutely ludicrous!  We have waited through your cloudy 60’s days, patiently, with little cursing of your name.  But, now I’ve had enough! 


Good riddance summer, hello my new favorite season (any season that is not summer, please stand up).  You are just so dang short and I’ve had it!  While other parts of the country is sweltering in 4 months of 90-100 degree weather, we are freezing our pa-tooties off in these parts.  Can’t you even it out a bit?  We put up with one of the wettest springs EVER last year, then one of the soggiest coldest late spring/early “summer” months – again!


I’m done – bring on Fall – bring on the pumpkins, the cool mornings (at least I expect them during this time of the year), the changing leaves, the breeze in the air. 



Already prepared to be in perpetual Spring all next “summer”, due to Karma


P.S. Plus, the pink Anemones are amazing right now.  And it’s true, Geranium ‘Rosanne’ (blue/purple flower) just keeps going and going and going.  So glad I picked up more of that!