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Fall soccer


We signed Alex up for 2 soccer leagues this fall – yes, you read that right.  2


One on Saturdays and one on Tuesdays.  It was a bit of a miscommunication on both of our parts.  Lance signed him up for soccer on Saturdays since that is what we did last year and we had a ton of fun.  I signed him up for Tuesdays since a neighbor had recommended it and when I looked into it, it looked like a great league, it would be a small group of kids from his school & grade, and you can continue in the league (if you want to) all the way up to high school and adult leagues.  We just kinda did it, and then learned later than he was going to do soccer twice a week.


He is having so much fun. 


The Saturday soccer isn’t quite as fun as last year, as this year it’s 5 & 6 year olds.  There are 5 kids on each team, so a lot of kids out on the field.  But, his best friend Zach is on another team and they actually played each other 2 times already!  What a lovely surprise!


Tuesday nights are really fun!  It’s a team of only 6 boys (boys only team) and they are all under 6 (U6).  They are legit – they even had to check his birth certificate to check his age!  Three boys are out on the field for the “game” at any time, so there is lots of contact with the ball.  It’s all about fun and learning a tiny bit about soccer.  The coach is fabulous and the league is really great.  There is a ton of support for the coaches, which is fabulous!  The coaches goal this year is to just have so much fun that each and every boy wants to come back next year.  What a great goal!



First: Tuesday night pictures  - the Warriors


















Now Saturday morning pictures – the Wildcats!