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I have to admit something – each and every day – I get a little bit more behind.  1 step forward, 2-3-4-5-6 steps back.  It is a HUGE task just to stay neutral right now, not backwards at least, but not even thinking I can get ahead a bit.


At least that is how I’m feeling right now with 2 kids, a full time job that is pretty demanding right now (and no signs of slowing), and all the things that should/need/want/can get done – just can’t.  I’m having to make hard choices every day about sleep vs. everything else.  The only way I seem to “get things done” is to do it after the kids go to bed.


Last Friday night – I went to bed at 8:45 PM exhausted.  I already know I can’t do it all (I learned that a while ago) – but, I feel like I can’t even make any headway lately.  Thankfully, I’ve gotten past some of the major Mom guilt and feel really comfortable doing some things for me, like 6 AM yoga, zumba classes and photography workshops, but these choices do have a price. Every choice has a price.  Fun adult/parent stuff post today, huh?


So, instead I will just post some random photos that I thought turned out really good over the past couple of weeks.  I hope you enjoy!




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