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Sara and Mama, housecleaners and nannies

The boys went to wiggle worms (tumbling) on Saturday morning and Sara and I had some quiet time without them.  It was so nice and quiet.


What did we do? 


Nothing much. 


A little snuggling, a little nursing, a little napping, and a little tripod experiment, a little giggling and sticking out of tongues.


Sara and Mama

It felt so good to just enjoy her and relax.  No rushing to get the housecleaning done before Alex got back.  No hurry up and get the laundry started so that I can have clean clothes to wear on Monday.  Just pure relax and enjoy. 


I’ve done a couple of things this week to really help ME out.  First, I hired a housecleaner and they came on Thursday.  The house was sparkling clean!  It was wonderful.  I wondered why I hadn’t done this before!  Second, after our wonderful nanny told us she would be leaving in mid-October, I posted an ad on craigslist for a nanny.  I was worried, since we really like our nanny, would I ever be able to find someone I like that much?  But, after about 45 responses, and looking through each one, I am pretty sure I will be able to find someone good for her.  But, I was kinda freaking out for a while.


It feels so weird to say that I have a housecleaner and a nanny.    Something I will get used to, though.  Very used to – it was wonderful to come home to such a nice clean house and it’s wonderful to have a nanny.  What a lucky Mama I am. 


Anonymous said...

Love that Sara's smile..she is just "Joy" when she smiles! and the tongue...reminds me of Alex! CK