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Soccer Summer

We had our ups – and our downs with soccer this summer.  Overall, we think it’s gone fairly well considering everything (something new, baby sister arriving, Mom and Dad attention divided, etc).  But, soccer is over this summer and we’ll be returning to Wiggle Worms (tumbling) this fall.  We gave Alex the choice of soccer or Wiggle Worms and he chose Wiggle Worms.  Next summer, we’re hoping to do outdoor soccer. 


He loves his “soccer jersey” and has learned a few new skills this soccer summer – one of them being a bit more patience.  Patience for  a 3 year old was a bit rough at times, but we made it through.  He has tested our patience in many ways with this soccer summer, saying he didn’t want to go on Saturday mornings.  Not wanting to be “that kind of parent” we chose to not make him go one time after a particularly bad morning.  But, I realized he was learning to push our buttons.  The next time he said he didn’t want to go (after giving his Dad the most puppy dog eyes I’ve ever seen saying he didn’t want to go), I took him and said he could either watch on the sidelines or have fun playing.  Guess who had fun playing after we got there? 


Yes, we all have learned a little patience this summer.  And a bit of when to push and when not to push the limits. 


Alex soccer 2 Alex soccer 1