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Sara is such a joy

Sara is so wonderful.  She is so mellow and easy going, flexible and relaxed.  She loves looking at people and so far still likes to be held by anyone else.  Although, that seems to be changing fairly soon – she follows me with her eyes whenever someone else has her.  She will soon enough be in the stranger anxiety stage and only want me to hold her, with Daddy as a acceptable, but lowly second. 


She has been giggling up a storm lately and loves being tickled on her belly and neck.  She gets this big smile and just breaks out in giggles.  She is talking and cooing quite a bit and loves it when you put your finger between her lips and go up and down really fast to make lots of fun noises. 


Alex has come up with her nickname “Nee Nee” and it has sorta stuck.  We have no idea where he came up with it, but he definitely calls her that a lot.  He even told his teachers at preschool that was her nickname. 

 Sara cutie pie ps

Sara is growing so fast and I just want her to slow down.  She’s already in 9-12 month clothing and is so deliciously chubby.  Her knees are chubby, her elbows have dimples. And of course, her cheeks!  Oh – those cheeks! 


She is rolling over and generally prefers to sleep on her tummy now that she can decide.  She can sit up for a few seconds before she falls over and I’m sure this will be next, sitting up.  When she’s on her tummy – you can almost see it in her eyes – she wants to figure out how to move (not the “I need to GO” look that Alex had, different in that she just mellowly wants to figure out how to move her body).  Once she figures out how to get those knees up and under her body, she’ll be off and crawling.   Ahhh – I’m not ready for this!  Slow down little girl!


She has 2 bottom teeth that keep coming in each day.  They sometimes bother her more or sometimes less.  But, we do know that more teeth will come and it will be this way for about the next 2 years.  Drool and all.  The top two are not far away, we know.


Sara sleeps with us and is a lovely sleeper.  She is getting more mobile and ends up next to me even if I pick her up and move her across the bed.  Sara loves snuggling, but doesn’t snuggle/kick/move all night long like Alex did.  Sara is truly lovely to sleep with.