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Grandpa Dave visits


Grandpa Dave visited us this past weekend and got to see our whirlwind busy life!  Two kids can ware you out!  We had a fun time taking some pictures to make our history for the day – a little of “don’t smile” and a little of “smile a little bit” and a little of “don’t laugh!” and this is what you get!


Kids – the things they say make you laugh. 


Alex asks Grandpa Dave “Where did your hair go?”  “Did you wipe it off?” 

Grandpa Dave visits 2

 Grandpa Dave visits


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Allison!! Thanks for sharing. I would love to visit all of you. It has now been 4 years since I saw cousin Dave!
Susan Bookless

atorgesen said...

Thanks Susan! We'd love to meet you too!