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Alex and his NEW backpack

Alex and his new backpack

Alex got a new backpack recently and just wanted to wear it everywhere!  He wanted to wear it to the store, to nap time, everywhere!  I just couldn’t help but have my “model” snap a few photos to commemorate the moment.  He can unzip the backpack and put toys in there.  He wants to take his backpack to “big boy school” someday.  But, for now, he just wants to take it to preschool.

I got the back pack at skip hop.  And got one for Sara for when she’s a little older (an owl), too!   I love that they are such simple classy cute backpacks and not all the Disney/commercial stuff you see in the regular stores.  I’m sure we’ll get those one day, but I’m holding out while I can!  So far, I think I’m doing OK.