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Boating rules


It started off with just 2 simple rules…


#1: Kids must wear life vests at all times

#2: Lance must steer at all times when going fast, no Alex hands near the steering wheel.


Lance agreed easily. 


Well, this last time we were out on the boat - we added rules #3 & #4


#3: At no time, will water spray over the bow of the boat while going fast. 

#4: At no time, will Allison’s bottom come off the seat while going fast.


Lance, I mean – “Captain Lance”(as he demands to be called) didn’t agree so easily on these ones.  But “First Mate Allison” (aka the mother of his children!) persisted and even had to say that she just wouldn’t ride in the boat anymore unless rules #3 and #4 were adopted by “Captain Lance”. 


 boating 1