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First day back

The first day back wasn’t so bad. 


I found my lactation room keys that were provided for me and the room is nice.  There is a chair and a table for the pump.  I got lots of milk for Sara my first day.  I wrote our nanny at lunch time and she said Sara was doing well which was so nice to hear – I’m so glad we did some transitioning before coming back to work full time. 


Lance said the morning went OK with Alex and Sara by himself, although Alex wanted all of Daddy’s attention for a while.  I worked all day (only 538 emails to sift through) and went to pick up Alex.  He was the first to be picked up and we made our way home – our “special” time because it’s just Alex and Mommy. 


We got home and Sara gave me a big smile.  I held her and her baby soft skin felt so good.  I nursed her about 5 times in 3 hours.  She was definitely hungry, but also just wanted me.  I put her in the ergo carrier and she just laid her head down on my chest.  It was almost like she was saying – ‘here you are Mommy, I’ve been waiting for you all day and I’m tired now, I’ll just lay my head down on you and snuggle’.  So, I just had to get a picture, of course!


Alex went through a bit of a rough time – testing his Mama.  I didn’t have my hands free and he got into the freezer and got a popsicle after I said no.  He is such a testing boy right now.  He wants me to cower down and let him rule the roost.  But, instead of doing that I have a new attitude - “bring it on” I call it (thanks to my Mom for that!).  BRING IT ON – the tantrum, etc.  We will deal with this, you are not the boss and you do need to do what I say.  I’m not unreasonable, I do let him have a popsicle after dinner, but dinner is first.  So, I’ve found my new currency – take away the super hero costume.    All I had to do was take away his super hero gloves yesterday and suddenly I have a child that is willing to be reasonable. 


After we got the kids to bed, it was clean up time (pump parts, dishes, etc) and I made dinner for Tuesday night. These days are going by fast – I’m busy and they are just flying by. 



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