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Beach weekend

Ahhhh - the summer time!  All alone at the beach. 


Yeah – nobody could join us this weekend, so we went by ourselves and had a blast.  I’m serious – nobody at the beach.  Summertime and nobody down at the water.


We took out the boat, but I wasn’t thinking and forgot to take my camera.  So, I’ll have to do that next time because it’s pretty amazing to be underneath the Tacoma Narrows bridge. 


We have this great set up on the beach with a BIG umbrella for some shade for Sara and I and what it looks like on the other side.  I just sit under the umbrella for most of the day and it’s so comfortable for us.  I bring the boppy and just nurse her when I need to. 

IMG_3897 blog

IMG_3860 blog


Sara got some tummy time at the beach this weekend and loved looking out at the water, but I couldn’t resist this picture.  Her baby leg warmers, and those buns!  She even got to stick her toes in the sand and see what that felt like.      IMG_3893 blog    IMG_3861 blog

 IMG_3883 blog

Alex had his big dump truck and scooped up many rocks.   IMG_3888 blog

 IMG_3890 blog


And – finally  - a picture of all 4 of us with a timer!  I had to bribe Alex with a bit of a treat for letting me take this picture and there was nothing to bribe Sara with to look at the camera, so we did the best we could.  IMG_3907 blog


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry we couldn't come. It has just been extemely busy here, and we miss you guys.
The pis are great, and really love the family one! 'Bama C and Papa T