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Bat Grandma and Bat Alex

Alex came up with this all on his own – he gave Grandma Sandy her cape and told her that her new name was “Bat Grandma” and off they went to save the day!  They had so much fun running around in their capes. 

Bat Grandma and Bat Alex-4 blog

Bat Grandma and Bat Alex-3 blog

And then finally decided to sit down and replenish themselves with some s’mores by the campfire
Grandma Sandy and grandkiddos-4 blog

And finally – “Bat Alex” let “Bat Grandma” have some time with Sara
Grandma Sandy and grandkiddos-5 blog


Anonymous said...

oh-oh....should I be prepared to be another Bat 'bama? hmmmmm. Maybe we'll get the uke out instead. Your mom looks like she may be in heaven! CK