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Sara is a big girl

26.25 inches (98th%)

15 lbs, 8 oz (82nd%) she hasn’t been taking much from the bottle, although she is getting better, sometimes taking up to 3 oz at a time.  But, she hasn’t gained much weight in the last 2.5 weeks.  She’s getting it, slowly and surely.


She has two teeth coming in on the bottom!


By comparison (parents *shouldn’t* compare children, but always do!) Alex was 25.75 inches (80th%), 14 lbs, 4 oz (38th%) at 4 months. 


Sara in the grass with a new beautiful dressIMG_6557 blog


with a big smile on a hot day, showing one (almost two!) teeth!Sara on the grass hot summer day-3 blog

on a purple blanket showing her blue eyesSara with purple blanket-8 blog

with me on a girls weekend (while the boys were away!)Mama and Sara-8 blog

with big brother Alex, thinking “what is he going to do to me now?” look on her face

Sara and Alex-6 blog