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My little batman

I think it’s the end of me deciding what Alex is going to be for Halloween and the start of him deciding.  Oh – how kids grow so fast!  Last year, he was a cute lion with whiskers. IMG_0324 Final[2]

This year, when I asked – the answer was this:

Batman, Mommy – the “real” batman, the “blue real batman” Mommy.  A “blue real batman costume with point-ies” Mommy, as he holds up his pointer fingers near his head to simulate the batman mask. (I gotta get a picture of this!)

He has recently learned that his super hero costume which I got him for his birthday, which he’s been calling his batman costume, is in fact, not the “real” batman costume. Sigh!  I’ve suggested that we call it the super-hero costume, or the superman costume.  He thought that was OK.

So, I ordered his “real blue batman” costume online (thank goodness for online shopping for working parents!) but instead of having the regular batman costume, they had the “dark knight” batman costume.  Looks mostly the same, except it’s black instead of blue.  He probably won’t notice, I thought…

Then, I made another mistake, I told him I ordered it and it would come in the mail.  This was Friday.  He was SO excited to get home, since it would be there in the mail!  I had to break the news to the little batman, that it would be delivered on Monday.  Mommy had just ordered it and the mailman needed time to deliver it.  It would be here on Monday. 

He waited patiently all weekend, but sure enough – his memory is getting better each day!  He remembered on Monday morning that his costume was coming that day.  He reminded Lance in the morning, and reminded me in the afternoon when picking him up.  Luckily, it was delivered when we got home and he opened the package.  He put it on and (basically) hasn’t taken it off since.  Each morning he puts it on, but takes it off to get real clothes on for preschool.  Then, puts it on after preschool, but hasn’t worn it to bed (yet!).   

He has noticed the blue vs black costume and asks me many times why I didn’t get the blue one, maybe I went to the wrong batman store he says.  But, my cute little batman just loves his new costume.  He asks to watch a batman cartoon on tv with his costume on (with point-ies), that is what you see below. 

Alex Batman final