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9 Resolutions for 2009

1). Support Lance in finding a job - this is the biggest one and the most important. Be more understanding of where he's at and be nicer to him. Listen to him and validate what he's going through. We will get through this TOGETHER... and only together.

2). Move more, get back to exercise. Lose 20 lbs. I don't know how... but I weigh 20 lbs more now than right after Alex was born! This one is for me - and for my health. Did you know that each pound of fat has 3000 miles of blood vessels? No wonder excess weight makes your blood pressure higher. I would also like to be able to get off BP medication, too.

3). Eat less overall, add more veggies, whole grains, eat less meat - maybe even border on vegetarian??? Cook more, try new recipes - the whole typical thing.

4). Have a garage sale this summer - where did we get all this "stuff"? Our garage is STUFFED with STUFF. I want to figure out what we really need and want to keep versus what we don't.

5). Take the Project 365 challenge by taking a photo a day to learn to be a better photographer - you can see my progress here at and I will also post some here. What I try to capture is something that I did that day - to remind me of a moment of each day of the year.
Day 1: reflection

Day 2: Melting

Day 3: Driving Home

Day 4: New picture of an REALLY old picture

Day 5: Concentration

Day 6: Mom's Night Out -a diptychDay 7: Drawing with Crayons

6). Go to the beach a lot this summer. After last summer's remodeling and work work work, etc - we are ready to have a fun summer again. We love the beach and want to go and play with Alex. We think it will be really fun! Hope it's good weather, too!

The beach - Gig Harbor

7). We want to install our bookshelves/cabinets in our family room. We were supposed to have finished this project before Alex was born and now he's almost two! A lot of what is in our garage (see #4 above) is the cabinets/bookshelves - that are DONE - they just need to be installed. One way or another - we are going to get this DONE.

8). Connect with people more often - have friends and family over for dinner more, meet up with friends somewhere more, etc. I haven't had a "best" friend in a long time - and I really miss this.

9). Well, I guess that's it (this isn't really a resolution, but who's counting?). One of the things that Lance and I did dream and wonder about when we were thinking about what 2009 would hold for us was - what will Alex be like next year? In this past year we've seen so many changes. Last year he wasn't walking, talking, eating with a spoon or fork, he was only drinking from a bottle or breastfeeding. Now he is walking, running, talking, talking alot, saying 3 word sentences, eating with a spoon and fork, learning to drink from glass and generally so different from just 12 months ago.

What will next year hold?

Will we be able to have conversations?

Will he be toilet training?

For the most part - we are just enjoying where we're at. But, it is fun to think about how many changes took place in the last 12 months and how many more are coming in the next 12 months.

Happy 2009 to all of you!

What are some of your resolutions???


becky said...

These are really great Allison! I think that the "get together with friends more" would fit as one of mine as well!! I think it's really important to have close couples relationships as much as individual relationships! We should plan a trip over to my parents house this summer and do some wineries?! And maybe one to the beach too? I can smell the clams and oysters!!!!!!

Connie said...

I never make resolutings anymore...maybe that comes with age. living each day just as it comes...BUT, I love all yours and am sure, knowing you, you will
accomplish them as they are ready to be accomplished! We are happy you three are in our lives! Connie