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January last year

The new year has gotten me all nostalgic for how many developments Alex has had in this past year. He wasn't walking yet, he wasn't talking yet, but he was definitely Mr. Spunky and definitely Mr. Personality! Here are a couple of pictures of Alex eating pancakes that his Daddy made him. This has remained throughout the year - his love of pancakes made by Daddy. Each morning he gets up and asks for pancakes. Really!
Eating a pancake

REALLY eating a pancake

Last bite!

Daddy - more pancakes!
Here is a cutie pie with a cute handmade sweater made by a dear friend. He's gotten so big now that it doesn't even fit! I remember when it was so big that I couldn't imagine that he would ever wear it!

Bath tub bubble hair. Well - this is one area that Alex has been working on all year - growing some hair! He's gotten more in - but it's still so fine and thin. Sometimes it looks reddish and sometimes more blond.
I even gave him his first "haircut" on January 1st. I distracted him with playing with running water in the sink and used a comb to get his hair wet - and just snipped off a couple of longer (mullet looking) strands in the back. It actually looks really good! Of course I saved the hair, which wasn't that much and put it in a baggie in his baby book. I was worried that the curls would be gone, but they are still there. I was also worried that I would regret cutting his hair, worried that it would be emotional and too soon. But, not at all. In fact - I wish I would've done it a little sooner. He just looks so handsome now... now that he doesn't have a mullet.
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