Torgesen Family Times

{We are trying to enjoy and record the moments that make life special}
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Monday we visited the Aquarium for the first time. Alex knows the word fish (sounds like "pish") and shark (sounds like "shock"). We felt some starfish in the touchy-feely tanks and learned the word anemone. That's a tough one to say! We got there early (9:45 AM) and spent a good 2 hours wearing him out! I was able to keep him up the entire time home and he took a long (much needed for Mama) 2 hour nap.
He only cheated death once, too! While walking back to the car Alex kept looking at the train tracks next to the sidewalk. Since there were no trains and a sturdy fence, it was OK. I let him look, no going on the tracks - just looking through the fence. We were right by the car. So, as he was fascinated with the train tracks. I just backed up a few feet, opened the car, stuck our bag in the seat and shut the door. By this time Alex was making his way in between the cars- running - right into traffic! I pulled him by his shirt neck (hard!) and was yelling "Alex No Stop Alex". He didn't really go that far but it was enough to scare the living shit out of me! He could've been dead and flattened like a pancake!
I have vowed to myself that when ever we are on/near streets or cars or other yet to be determined places - he will either have to hold my hand or be carried. That will be his choice. This isn't the first time something like this has happened, but I'm hoping we can stop this. It scares me to death.
Anyways, on to some other nice photos from our day in the big city!

Alex doing his "smile" for the camera.

Alex by the glass in the big dome of water.

Alex by the Orca whale fin.