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Building a bridge

During the summer of "if it's free - we'll do it" - - - we (meaning Lance) took on an amazing project where we dug a creek bed and lined it with rocks. Basically a hand dug ditch, in some places as wide as 4-5 feet, others are only 2-3 feet wide with nice curves that follow the land. We uncovered some french drains to help with our soggy back yard and cleaned them out, hopefully making them work better. We took rocks from other parts of our property and hauled them to our newly created "dry creek bed" and it was really lovely.
It did really help with some parts of our soggy back yard and it was TOTALLY free!
Fast foward a couple of years and now we have a little boy who loves walking over the dry creek bed to get to the other side with the big stump and lots of things to explore.
So we decided to build a bridge! Not just any bridge, but a sexy curved bridge! It was Lance's design and I think it really came out wonderfully. Alex not only loves bridges right now, but he loved helping his Daddy build it!

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Melinda said...

So cute, Allison! I love the 3rd picture where they are both absorbed in their work. You'll have to show us the finished product.