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Cooking dinner with Mama

Alex wants to be involved in everything and see what we are doing. So the other night I pulled up a chair (thanks to Mom's advice about including him in the cooking! Thanks Mom!) and we cooked sloppy joes. We browned some turkey meat, then added the tomato paste and the seasoning packet - and then for added health and veggies we added peas, carrots, & beans. It turned out really wonderful and it was really fun. We will definately be doing this again.
Alex knows what HOT means and has a sign for it - he puts out his had (as if to say stop) and says "hot". We went around the entire kitchen saying what was hot - the oven was hot, the microwave is hot, the stove is hot. But, the dishwasher and the refrigerator weren't hot. We said they were cold. He makes a funny brrrrr shiver and says "cold".
I used my trusty gorilla pod tripod to snap the photos and used the timer - I think it came out quite nice, if I do say so myself.
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becky said...

LOOOOVVVEEE It. Best photo!