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Animal Park

We visited a animal farm park this last weekend, near our house, that we've visted before here. Alex just had so much fun - he has learned what a lot of animals say:
Alex, what does a cow say? Moooooo
Alex, what does a chicken say? Cock-a-doodle dooooooo
Alex, what does a pig say? Oink Oink
Alex, what does a kitty say? Meoooow
Alex, what does a duck say? Quack Quack
Alex, what does a sheep say? Baaaaaa
Alex, what does a bunny say? ________ (doesn't know)
Alex, what does a Alex say? ___________(doesn't know)
We'll have to figure out these ones!
Meanwhile, enjoy the photos I snapped with my new camera! I just love it! It's small (fits in my pocket or purse) and takes great pictures! There is a setting of "vivid" for color that I can select that just enhances the colors seen in the photos. Don't you agree?

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