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Gardener (Alex)

When ever we go outside and have the garage open, Alex goes straight to the gardening tools and gets out his knee pad and starts in on those pesky weeds! He knows what to do with the knee pads and gets right in there, placing it just right for him.

He loves it! He loves to help Mama, and often says "Help Mama". I love him helping me becuase it not only entertains him, but it allows me to do some things outside. And since he's "helping" me - it usually works out great.

He carries around two tools at once, just like sippys - a two fisted man. Today when we were gardening and helping Mama he asked what they were... and I said "two shovels". He promptly said back to me - "Two". I'm curious when kids start learning numbers. It seemed to me that he understood what two meant. But, at the same time I know he doesn't even know what one or three means, so I guess it will be a surprise!
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