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Thanksgiving 2008

This year we went around the table and said what we were thankful for. Mama said she was thankful for our health, Daddy said he was thankful we didn't have twins, and Alex, when asked what he said he was thankful for had one word....


And that's just what he did - not the traditional turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing kind of guy - nope. Just bread and apple. More bread ... more apple.

It was a lovely T-giving with lots of friends and family. My cousin is engaged and we are so excited for the wedding this summer! This year we had 3 little boys at T-giving and they all got along fantastically and played all night. My Aunt and Uncle's house will never be the same!

"Apple mouth"

3 little boys - Jacob (4), Logan (2 1/2) , Alex (1 1/2)
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