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2nd annual - Cookies and Kids party

Alex with two of the boys at the party
We hosted a fun cookie party a while ago and I'm just now getting around to posting a few pictures! Where does the time go?
We had a great time - and it goes right along with our "theme" this holiday season of spending time with friends and family, instead of being stressed buy "things" for people and SHOP, SHOP, SHOP. I must say - I had a fabulous time at the party. We invited quite a few people, but only 4 families were able to make it. I made a BIG pot of chili, and of course, everyone brought homemade delights to share and take home. We were able to have nice long conversations about what everyone was doing and the kids were having a good time, too! Since our house is laid out in a circle - they just migrated from room to room and there were always people there to make sure they were safe.
I must say that I do feel less stressed, in some ways, this holiday season and don't miss (at all!) going to the mall, wondering what to "get" people. I might really like this!

Alex had a good time with the girls at the party (Sisters Megan and Allison on either side of him). They held hands and lead themselves around the house.

Megan and Alex
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