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Snow day!

Today we had a dusting of snow - maybe 1-2" - and therefore it's an official snow day here in the Northwest! We got Alex all bundled up in his snow pants and snow jacket, hat and boots and headed outside for a little old fashioned fun.

I don't know what it is about my husband... he always wants his dog to pull him (or Alex) when it snows. In the past, this has been Lance on skis with his dog pulling him in the neighborhood. Now Alex is finally big enough for me to even think about this! So, Alex got his first dog-pulled sled ride by "Rock" (the dog) which I'm sure will be the first of many. I swear Lance should've been a sled dog racer ... hmmmm.... maybe a new career???

To those of you living in the Northwest - squint your eyes for the picture below - there is sun! Lots of it! We don't get to see this very often!

Lance rigged up this whole system where Rock pulls the sled and he holds the leash on Rock to make sure he doesn't pull too hard or run somewhere he shouldn't. At first Rock was pretty excited and Lance had to help him learn how to pull correctly, but then we were on our way. Up and down the neighborhood streets. All Alex had to say was...




Grandma was even visiting and when Alex fell down in the snow she showed him how to brush it off his hands.

Alex did not want to come in - at all! We had to pull him in kicking and screaming every time we came in from outside. We adults would get cold, but when I took of his snow suit - I think he was actually hot! It did a great job of insulating him. We went outside twice before lunch, ate a big lunch, passed out for 2 hours, and wanted to go outside again!

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