Torgesen Family Times

{We are trying to enjoy and record the moments that make life special}
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Conversation this morning

Alex's words on the way to daycare this morning (only a 10 second snapshot):

Big Truck
Yes - that's a Big Truck

More Truck, More Truck, Big Truck
Let's look for more trucks

More Bus (which sounds like Bice)
I don't see any buses right now, let's look for one

(sees a bus, but it passes by) More Bus, Yellow, Yellow
yes, a bus is yellow - let's see if another bus is coming

More Yellow
Let's try to find something yellow...

More Bus, please, please, please (which sounds like "peas")
Yes - you say you want a bus, please. You sure know how to talk!

Do you see something blue?

Do you see something green?

Do you see something white?

More White, More White, More White
Let's look for something white... do you see anything white?

More Yellow
Do you see something yellow?

Big Truck, More Big Truck, please, please, please
I know you like Big Trucks, let's look for one...