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Halloween 2008

Alex was supposed to be a chicken for Halloween, but as you can see - that wasn't working. He loved them so much in Hawaii that we made a costume and talked about it quite a bit, but when it was time to put it on it was very scary.

So, plan #2 was football player. Not scary at all. Just a little eyeliner.

We went to a friends house and Alex and Allie are holding hands before heading out to trick-or-treat in their wonderful neighborhood. It's the kind of neighborhood where they know everyone and there are tons of kids. What a great place to live.

Alex just ran from house to house! He even ran in the street - many many times! Scared his Mama to half to death, but she's used to it. Good thing there were no cars on the road!!!! Daddy was chasing him everywhere. We seriously need a leash!

No, seriously!

Ringin' door bells and knockin' on doors = people give you stuff! They kinda "got it" - the whole Halloween thing. Alex is ringing the door bell and Allie knocks on the door below.

Look at the cute dog above that dressed up too!

They learned to reach thier hands in the baskets and were sometimes able to say thank you!

And a kiss for Allie's prince at the end of the night


becky said...

So fun lets make it tradition!! Oh the first few pictures didn't show up...