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Lance was laid-off

Hi everyone-

Lance was laid off on Thursday after working at his company for almost 10 years. That night he was planning on working late (until about 8PM) to get caught up after a couple of people transferred to other groups.

Needless to say, he is crushed. We know that this will all be fine in the end, but it is pretty rough right now.

We had to pull Alex out of daycare, since it was down where Lance worked in Renton and way to far away to drive him there everyday. We will be looking for a new daycare up here and getting on the waiting lists so when Lance does find a job - we will have care for Alex. But, in the mean time, Lance will be taking care of Alex and we have another Mom will (hopefully) be taking Alex a couple days a week so that Lance can figure all this stuff out.

If you know of any Accounting/Finance managerial type positions around where we live - please let us know. Lance will be working on getting his resume together, networking with people he already knows and figuring out unemployment this next week.

We are fine for a while, so we don't need anything other than your support and prayers.

Thanks so much.