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{We are trying to enjoy and record the moments that make life special}
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This weekend

Alex helped me sweep off our deck this weekend after the windstorm blew down lots of leaves. I was sweeping with one broom and he was sweeping with another. What a helper!

We went to a park on Sunday and Alex enjoyed the toys, but also gave hugs to the fire hydrants. He just loves to hug everything. Especially Bella. One guess as to how much Bella loves to be hugged.... Surprisingly, though, she does tolerate more than you would expect. She must be craving attention bad.

Then, we decided to go to an animal park (his new favorite word is animal) nearby our house after the other park got boring. They have all sorts of farm animals, but Alex saw the horses in the pasture, not even a part of the park, but had to go running over and look at them. It was really funny! I had to drag him away and say that there were many more animals in the park than just these horses in someone else's pasture.
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Alex got to see a cow very close up. He pointed out his nose and his ears and then pointed to his nose and ears. Of course, he wanted to hug the cow. He throws his arms out and says "huuuuu" with a missing "g".

He got to see goats. When we saw the sheep he say "baaaa". We got to see pigs and he makes a funny "oink" sound. Just have to hear it - it's too hard to explain. We also saw a Mama pig and 2 piglets. The Mama pig is pregnant again and will have babies end of November.

We saw a turkey and chickens. Also 5 bunnies - Alex's favorite! The word bunny actually comes out as "munny" and daycare kept asking Lance if we talked about "money" all the time because Alex would always say it. But, now we know - it's just peter cottontail.

Very fun weekend!

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