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Sleep training update


Alex slept through the night last night - until 6 AM. And went to sleep with just a few sounds, maybe 30 seconds!

Lance woke up this morning this morning at 5 AM and was surprised he didn't have to wake up!

We looked at each other and said - - -

"Did you have to wake up?"

"'Cause I didn't have to wake up!"

"You didn't wake up?"

"'Cause I didn't wake up, either!"

We'll see how tonight goes....

But, overall it really wasn't that bad. The first couple of nights were about 20-30 minutes of crying and some waking up at night. Then, he started figuring out what was happening and was very clingy and woke up a lot at night, but only took 5 minutes to go to sleep. We were doubting ourselves at this time wondering if we were ever going to get through this and if we were doing the right thing. Would he ever learn? Or are we just torturing him?

And then last night. We were so proud of him and told him how proud we are! He slept all night!


Anonymous said...

YEA!!!!!!!!! He's a smart little guy and he "get's it!"