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Baby Phoebe, part 2


Here are some of my favorites from my photo shoot with baby Phoebe a few weeks ago.  I can’t wait to share the rest of the photos with the family.


Enjoy and happy Friday!

Phoebe BW (47)

A Father – Daughter moment

 Phoebe (13)

The Beautiful eyes of a bright little girl

 Phoebe (35)

Love this picture with the wall color that is just so bright and perfect providing a wonderful backdrop to her luscious baby skin!

 Phoebe BW (24) Here is one of those “in-between” shots that are my FAVORITE!  What a beautiful Mom nursing her little girl.  What a lovely connection they have.  This is one of my most favorite photographs I have taken – Ever!


zoe said...

OMG! These photos are incredible. Showed them to Evan this morning and he said "she is the best photographer we've EVER worked with". And you are. Can't wait for the rest.