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32 weeks…

Wow – 32 weeks already.  It seems like time goes by so fast sometimes and other times so slowly.  I remember very distinctly last time I was pregnant with Alex at 32 weeks.  I would get up out of bed and get ready for work.  I would lay down again.  Get back up and dry my hair.  And lay down again.  I just didn’t know how I was going to make it another 8 weeks. 





8 weeks felt like an eternity!


Well, as things turned out – I only had about 2 left. 


This time is so different in so many ways.  I feel like I ONLY have 8 weeks left???? I feel so good that I only have 8 weeks left to “get things done”???  How am I going to do this? 


This past weekend I got maternity photos taken.  I thought about it last time when pregnant with Alex, but just didn’t feel pretty and good about it.  Know I know why – I was sick and didn’t feel good at all.  I’m going to post a picture from last time at 32 weeks – please don’t be scared.  The picture is pretty scary.  I’m not being one of those people who always thinks they look bad – no – this is different.  I think I look good this time – one of those cute pregnant ladies with a bump on the front and everything else looks pretty much the same.   But, this picture will make you pause for a second, or a minute.   It definitely did for me.  So, here it is.


IMG_1209 Final  

Kinda scary, right?  My face was very puffy and a totally different shape.  I have real hope and knowledge that this birth of our little girl will go differently than with Alex.  It has to – look how differently I looked and felt last time! 


I will get my maternity photos soon and post them here.  I saw a sneak peak and they are great!  You will be amazed at how different I look – pretty pregnant Mom with a handsome husband and a wonderful little boy.  I’m so lucky.