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Garden remodel – follow up

This past fall we undertook quite a project…

We had 2 dump truck loads of gravel delivered along with 2 dump truck loads of compost & dirt.  It was a lot of work – well not so much for me – but for Lance.  See – I was newly pregnant at the time and so darn tired.  So, he did most of the heavy work, while I did some supervising (and picture taking!).

Take a look at the before here:


And the after pictures here:

 IMG_0690 FinalYou can see our new grass – so green and lush.  The new border bricks outlining all the gardens and the new (little for now) plants that will just love all the dirt and compost we put in the new gardens.   IMG_0691 FinalWe also made the entry gardens larger – they just looked like a postage stamp on a big lawn.  We made them big enough to be bold and have some interesting plants all year round.  Can’t wait for them to grow up! IMG_0692 Final Another view of the front yard showing the other entry garden with a japanese maple as the main plant in this garden.  IMG_0693 Final

And the new flagstone pathways – 2 of them!  They are beautiful and I love them!  As you can see from the photo – Bella is supervising the supervisor from inside the front window.  Lance and his Dad laid them this summer/fall and I just am so excited to use them this summer.  They were natural pathways and now are real pathways.

IMG_0696 Final

AND – I had Lance “help” me move two small trees.  Now he will tell you they weren’t small – in fact they were the “biggest trees that had ever been seen!”.  But, as you can see – it’s really not that big.  They are two Dogwood trees with the lovely spring “flowers” that are really bracts/leaves.   See below.  They were tucked behind a BIG cedar tree not getting enough light or enough attention.  They were planted there by the previous owners and I’ve been wanting to move them to a more prominent spot for a long time.  What better time than when your 6-7 months pregnant?  I can’t wait to see what they do in these new locations up front with more water and more sunlight.  They will be BEAUTIFUL!

Cornus_Kousa_Chinensis_Bractsphoto shamelessly stolen from web 


P.S.  We are getting our house painted this Spring/Summer – I can’t wait to see everything all together – the new landscape, the pathways, new gardens, flowers growing, and a newly painted house!  It will just be fabulous!  Stay tuned for an update on that!