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I took my glucose/gestational diabetes test today for this pregnancy.  I hadn’t remembered this until I drank the yucky drink and drove myself to get the blood drawn for the test, but last time when I was pregnant with Alex – I thought I would surely “fail” the test and end up with gestational diabetes.  I had no idea what it felt like with gestational diabetes, but I didn’t feel good and thought that this must be it.  I was surprised when the doctor told me that everything was normal. 


This time when taking the yucky drink (yuckier than I remember – like un-carbonated sweet orange pop) I don’t feel bad – I actually feel good.  Yeah – my back hurts and my belly is getting bigger and more difficult to lug around.  I have to be more careful when turning over and my belly is even running into things before the rest of me arrives, like the grocery store cart or the kitchen sink. 


For the first time (for me) – I feel and know there is hope for another outcome to this pregnancy than what happened when I had Alex 6 weeks early due to severe pre-eclampsia.  I feel like there is a real chance that I will have a full term baby that is able to come home from the hospital when I do. 


The statistics are confusing – because I’ve had pre-eclampsia before – I’m at greater risk (from 5-8% for general population to ~25% from what I’ve read), but at the same time, most people who get pre-eclampsia are first time Moms. 


So, I don’t understand it and can’t really explain all the statistics – all I know is that are just that – Statistics.  Not necessarily what is going to happen to me and our little baby girl. 


On this Monday – here is to HOPE.


Anonymous said...

Hope is a wonderful thing, I'm so very glad to hear you are hopeful, not to mention that you feel good :).