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Go to working and make money


I was taking Alex to preschool the other day while Lance was out of town for business, usually he does the drop-offs.  It was Alex’s new preschool and he was telling me he didn’t want to go (totally normal at this point – the first week).  I told him it wasn’t the old preschool and he seemed like this made a little difference, but still not totally buying it. 

I said – You have to go to preschool and play with toys and Mommy has to go working and make money.

He said – No, you go to preschool and play with toys and I go working and make money.  I said that I would love to, but unfortunately I had to go to work that day and we made plans for what we would do that night to have fun together.


Well, this past weekend in Leavenworth he demonstrated just how smart he is becoming…


We were walking downtown to go to dinner at a restaurant and we walked past a bank.  He asked if that was the restaurant and we said no, it was a bank.  He asked what a bank was and we told him that is where there is money. 


He says “Oh, that’s where Mommy works, right?”