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Xmas ‘09 – a review

Alex started out with just wanting a big hammer like his Dad… then he realized he could ask for more and more (little did he know that his Dad was listening and got him EVERYTHING he asked for!).   We had a nice Christmas this year. 


A chainsaw like my Dad and Grandpa T.  so he can cut down trees.  This one is now banished to be an “outside toy”  to be “just like his Dad’s”.  Momma – why do you make all these rules?

IMG_0448 FinalWhat’s this monstrosity?  IMG_0457 Final Oh – a Basketball hoop (so Daddy doesn’t have to stand and be the basketball hoop for hours on end)

IMG_0463 FinalOnce those two presents were opened – it was all over.  Alex was so happy he didn’t need anything else.  We couldn’t rip the   basketball out of his hands!IMG_0472 FinalOK Mom – just one picture – but make it fast!  I have basketball to play!

 IMG_0476 Final

Take a “nap” with Grandpa T.  Looks like Grandpa T. is checking up to make sure Alex is napping!

 IMG_0522 Final

and if you thought that was enough – oh no!  Dad got him a Jeep!  Oh yes – a Jeep! 

And a visit by our neighbor – a sheriff!  “No officer – I wasn’t speeding on the road and I swear I have a license!”

IMG_0504 Final


We went to the park the day after Xmas and played real basketball with Dad being the lifter this time.P1020062 Final  And then finally – on the 26th – Alex opened up a present from Mommy – a ukelele – aka a guitar to sing songs and make Moo-sic.  Here is Grandma Connie showing Alex how to play.

IMG_0529 Final


Anonymous said...

So glad you got the pic of Alex and the "law'...priceless. What a fun Xmas! C & S