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real wood toolbox

With the continuing fascination with tools comes the desire for a “real wood toolbox”.  Not the toy variety, oh no. 


We were at Home Depot the other day (aka “the man store” as Lance calls it) and they had those demonstration desks near the front of the store.  There just so happened to be a little kid workshop that they were advertising for – you guessed it – a real wooden toolbox was on the table. 


Alex begged and pleaded – he NEEDED it for his tools.  He WANTED it for his tools, he wasn’t leaving without it! 


So, Lance promised that they would make him his own “real wood toolbox” and that is just what they did this weekend.


IMG_0557 Final

IMG_0553 Final

I have to ask him – can Mama take a picture with you and your new wood toolbox?  Yeah – he says.  I guess so.  He’s got his hand on his tape measurer – that is hook to his pants.  Are you done yet? 


IMG_0555 FinalSo, then I have to ask – can you measure it for me?  I want to know how big it is.  So he gets out his tape measurer and measures it for me. 


Now – as Grandma Connie AND as Grandma Sandy said earlier – he’s ready for his “real” tools. 


What a great Dad to have made this for him.  Alex didn’t like all the noise of some of the tools but was content with his new passion – golfing with Daddy’s golf club and a “real” golf ball outside so that Daddy could do some of the loud work.    He helped some and golfed a lot.  He is very happy and proud of his new real toolbox – so much so – that he even took it to his bed and took a nap with it!