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Leavenworth weekend

We had a fantastic time this last weekend in Leavenworth, Wa.  It was Lance’s very thoughtful gift to me this Christmas and we enjoyed ourselves fully.  As he said to me, we don’t know when our next vacation will be – probably 2011, so might as well have TONS of fun!

After arriving on Friday afternoon, just ahead of a rock slide that closed Hwy 2 and a long detour (thank goodness!), we settled into our hotel right in “downtown” Leavenworth.  We played in the snow at a little park right by the hotel and got our hands in the snow for a bit before it got dark for the night.

We decided to find a place for sledding in the morning and found a perfect spot at the riverfront park.  This turned out to be the best fun!  Alex absolutely LOVED sledding and his most favorite phrase the entire weekend was “let’s do it again” meaning he wanted to sled down the hill again, and again, and again!  Lance had to do most of the sledding duties as I’m now 6+ months pregnant, but I did go a couple of times on the smaller hills. 


IMG_0595 Final

Alex closing his eyes and Daddy steering with his hands on a sledding hill

P1020101 FinalMommy having a good time sledding down the bunny hill

P1020095 Final

Daddy would often pull Alex up the hill in the sled because he liked it so much

 P1020115 Final

The three (I guess, four) of us!  Our littlest one is tucked inside my winter coat and you can’t see her other than the fact I can’t quite button my coat all the way!

 P1020117 FinalBig smiles were had by Alex all weekend long.


We went sledding in the morning and guess what?  Sledding in the afternoon.  Daddy got a workout that day!  Here are a few pictures of what it looks like when you’re tired and you just want to sled some more, but have to go back to the hotel to take a nap. 


IMG_0597 FinalIMG_0598 Final 

On Sunday we woke up to a few fresh inches of snow and we got ready for a horse-drawn sleigh ride.  It was beautiful!  It was so quiet and peaceful out on the trail and with all the trees freshly sprinkled with snow.  Alex had a good time and even got to pet the big horses.


P1020135 FinalP1020137 Final P1020138 Final 

After this big day and after a little bit of a rough night (we realized it was his first time ever sleeping in a hotel room!) Alex took a 3 hour nap!  We only had a short time to go sledding that afternoon and it was a good thing because it was lightly raining/sleeting.

We headed home on Monday to clean up and get back to real life.   Here are a few other pictures I took during our wonderful weekend – Enjoy!

P1020112 Final IMG_0567 Final P1020081 Final Alex’s snow angels


Anonymous said...

Thank you! They are great pics. I have already 'saved and printed' the family photo with the sled! Alex just looks like he had the BEST time! What fun! Thank you for posting. 'bama C