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Weekend update


I look back at my baby girl after going to the kitchen to get something – and this is what I find. 


My baby girl is pulling up to stand now.  My baby girl is growing up so fast!  We installed the baby gate this weekend too – she just loves climbing stairs and has NO idea how dangerous that is (yet, although all kids fall down the stairs at some point, right?).    We have a truly mobile girl now – and it’s time to get serious about some safety items around the house.


Sara standing-7 blog


Sara standing again-5 blog


This is (apparently) THE way to drink milk in a big boy cup.  I’m telling … it’s THE latest and greatest!

Alex naked butt-8 blog


Alex has been helping Sara learn how to eat and it’s so cute.  He asks her to watch him and puts a spoon in his mouth and says things like “See baby, this is how you chew your food” in the high pitched voice that I (apparently) use.  He wanted to help feed her and I caught this sweet moment. 


Alex feeding Sara-2 blog



We had our first 2 kid bath this past week – Oh what fun!  We played with letters, cups and sharks (apparently).  And had a blast!

Kids bathtime-13 blog


Kids bathtime-19 blog


Michelle R. Slape said...

These are all such sweet images! I can't believe how big your baby has gotten!!!