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More Christmas


Alex really GOT Christmas this year.  He was SO excited.  He wanted to open the biggest present first, a train set from Papa T and Grandma Connie.  What a fantastic train set with multiple trains and remote controllers!  Then, quickly on to open more presents.  His attention span was about the length of opening a present, seeing what it was and then on to the next until they were all done. 


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In true Sara fashion – she was happy doing what ever.  So mellow.  She hung out in the pink box that the train set came in for a long time and enjoyed sitting and watching her big brother. 


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Now, when you asked Alex what he was going to ask for from Santa this year – you got one answer and one answer only.  A skateboard.  Oh, holy moly.  What’s a good parent to do?  So, Santa brought him a skate board and he wanted to try it out, but we did have to wait for daylight outside Christmas day.  Thank goodness Santa also brought knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards.  Alex has found a new cartoon that he likes called Kick Buttowski.  It’s about this kid who is a daredevil, just like Alex, and rides a skateboard.  Alex wants to be Kick Buttowski and thought that skateboarding would be easy – Kick Buttowski does it so easily.  Well, Alex found out it will take some practice.  No broken anything yet.  Thank goodness!


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After a hurt-y fall, and time to go in. 

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See the resemblance?  Kick Buttowski, suburban daredevil.  Alex Torgesen, suburban thrill-seeker.




Christmas day was spent with Lance’s side of the family with us going down to the beach at Grandma Judy’s house.  Great Grandma Myrtle gave these antlers and red nose to Alex and he loved them!  He was Rudolf most of the afternoon. 

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We headed to the beach for a bit, it was really nice.  Not cold, not windy at all, the water was like glass.  Sara did get to show off her hat that I knit her for Christmas though.  A little bit big – hopefully it fits better next winter too. 

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We had about 3-4 inches of snow after Christmas and it’s still sticking around!  And, in true Torgesen fashion – Lance and Alex built a big tall snowman, with eyes, nose, smile and arms. 


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