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Sara’s 9 month stats

Sara is still a tall girl, big shocker, I know.


Most people who see her think she is over a year old, maybe 15-18mo.  But, why isn’t she walking yet, they ask?

Well, because she’s only 9 months old I say!


30.25 inches – >100th %  - off the charts

19 pounds – 52nd %

Shoe size 5 (I think)

6 teeth

crawling everywhere, up a few stairs now.

Can pull up to standing

Clothing size 18mo

Hair color – beautiful light red

Favorite food: anything she can pick up herself (cheerios, string cheese, squash pieces, peas) and chunky/soft soups


Sara 9mo teddy bear-1 final


Oodles and oodles of love from her big brother, who just this morning said “I think I want to keep you, ‘cause I love you so much Baby Sister”


Sara and Alex-3 final


Sara and Alex-6 final



Sara and Alex-7 final


Anonymous said...

what great kids!
C & S

J, T, L and O said...

So sweet! Amazing how tall she is!